Teamwork in Martial Arts

Teamwork in Martial Arts

Working on teams, and teamwork in martial arts in particular, can be rewarding, but at times it can be difficult and frustrating if there is poor communication on your team.  You may often feel left in the dark, confused or misunderstood if communication is not solid.  Through my experience in being a team member and at times a team leader here at Elite, I’ve learned that in order to create a successful team, effective communication methods are necessary for both team members and leaders. 

If you have a problem with someone in your group, talk to them about it.  Letting bad feelings stay will only make you sour and want to isolate yourself from the group.  Not only does it feel good to let it out, but it will better for the team in the long run.  Teamwork in martial arts depends on everyone feeling comfortable enough to calmly discuss differences.  Many times you will find that negative feelings are the result of a simple misunderstanding, and once you and your teammate have a discussion it will clear the air.

Supporting a group member’s idea is also a great method for promoting strong teamwork in martial arts.  If a teammate suggest something, listen to what they have to say even if you think it’s the silliest idea you’ve ever heard.  Not only does this make you a good team member but it shows that you’re interested in other people’s ideas.  You may be surprised…sometimes “silly” ideas turn out to be successful strategies! 

Last but not least, I’ve learned that getting myself involvedwithin the team is a great way to understand my team members by sharing my ideas and  hearing their advice, so that I can use their advice for my benefit and share them with others as well.  Teamwork in life, and teamwork in martial arts especially, depends on communication and an open mind.

~Albert Morales

Black Belt

Elite Training Center
1628 South Pacific Coast Highway,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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Teamwork in Martial Arts


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