As the instructors and students take the day off to be with their immediate families, I wanted to take a minute to express how thankful I am for my Elite family.  Elite Training Center has become a cornerstone in my life, and it’s not just the world-class training and martial arts instruction that is so special.  The people at Elite, from the newest students to the most experienced instructors, are universally wonderful and exceptional people.  Whether it be an everyday class or a Krav Maga test or supporting one of our fighters at an MMA fight, everyone is truly there for one another, encouraging, guiding, pushing, and, if needed, holding each other up so he or she can stand side by side with his or her teammates.  What an amazing thing to find in a world where people are increasingly disconnected from one another.  I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be a part of such a unique school.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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