Muay Thai Head Kick: The 11 Second Solution

Muay Thai Head Kick: The 11 Second Solution

One of our instructors, Tommy Aaron won his MMA fight with a round kick to the head in 11 seconds. As much as we enjoy watching knock down, drag out fights, nothing could have pleased us more than watching the example of how important Muay Thai is to a fighter.

Tommy will continue to impress with more victories in the future. We are all very proud of him. Throughout his training he still manages to find time to teach and handle other business matters that his team counts on him for. Being only 19 years old, he has far exceeded the expectations that others his age could only hope to achieve.

Throughout his training camp, he stepped up and received another certification in Krav Maga, earned a black belt in Muay Thai and organized an MMA promotion/test coming up this week!

There is always time. Tommy is the example. He surrounds himself with the people who not only make him a top notch martial arts practitioner, but also men and women who encourage him, motivate and keep him humble.

As we always say, martial arts is a lifestyle. It is about the time spent honing your craft and being the best person you know you can be no matter how bad things seem.

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