The Filipino Martial Arts in redondo beach

The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA).
From the book “The Filipino Martial Art”_ as taught by Dan Inosanto
The publishers wrote:
One of the things that captivated audiences in Bruce Lee’s “Enter the dragon” and “Game of death” was his use of weapons,
two specifically – the nunchaku and the double sticks. Since the movies, the popularity of nunchaku and martial arts weapons has grown enormously.
Still, very few people know the origin of Bruce Lee’s weapon prowess.
It was taught as weapons of the Filipino art of combat.
The Filipino Martial Arts so fascinated the late Bruce Lee that he featured it in his movie, Game of death, as the martial art second only to “The Unknown Style”. It was thought by some of his students to symbolize the individual’s style.
“Bruce could perform the Filipino Martial Arts naturally, because he had already reached that level on his own”, says Dan Inosanto. The level he speaks of is one of understanding where all the martial arts flow into one and principles of efficiency became the only basics. The Martial Arts begin with those principles that simplify all combat movement, weaponed  or empty hand, and develop from there. This simpler path to understanding, adaptability and the foundations of the art rooted in combative movement are perhaps the things Bruce Lee admired most about the Filipino Martial Arts.
Who is Dan Inosanto? Guro Dan Inosanto is the Master of Filipino Martial Arts (among other styles) and Bruce’s friend.
Guro Dan Inosanto inspires the Filipino Martial Arts or Kali we teach at Elite Training Center. Our goal at Elite Training Center is to preserve and introduce Filipino Martial Arts to beginner and advanced students.  Moreover, it is great for bilateral integration at all levels. The opportunity is there, and we are proud to teach such effective and beautiful art.
Guro Barbara Dalla Riva

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The Filipino Martial Arts in Redondo Beach

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