The Habit of Finishing Strong

Habit of Finishing Strong!
You often hear in class…”Last set – Best Set!”

Or you may hear…
“Last Round – Best Round!” ​
Both used to anchor the mind set and the Habit of Finishing Strong.
Experts in Peak Performance remind us that high levels of success and achievement in any endeavor is 20% mechanics and 80% psychological.
Simply meaning that once you’ve mastered the fundamental skills you
need to succeed, you’ve got to invest daily in psyching yourself up to
take massive action. That’s where the Habit of Finishing Strong comes in.
Making sure that you end each day in a Kick Butt way.
Think opposites, imagine being in the habit of finishing weak.
Everyday you finished your day in a lazy, low or no results way. Aiming
for just Okay and accepting mediocrity from yourself by performing way
below your true potential.
Would that excite you?
Would that be the way to bring excellence into your life? NOT!
By conditioning yourself with the Habit of Finishing Strong to each day, week, month and year…you add one more excellent habit to your life.
As the end of the year grows closer…it’s a great habit to visit and an excellent mind set to apply to the remaining days and weeks of 2009.
Good luck and Finish Strong!
Health & Fitness Tip: Safe…Fit & Focused!
Tied in with the habit of finishing strong, our health and fitness tip for the last few weeks of 2009, is to finish your year safe, fit and focused.
During the Holiday Season, many people tend to overdo their partying, eating, drinking and spending. The average person gains over 10 lbs. during this wonderful time of year.
You can bet that isn’t 10 lbs. of lean muscle mass 🙂
Our encouragement and hope for you and all of our students, is that you stay safe from the dangers of drunk drivers and/or criminal elements that do occur during this time of year.
Along with staying fit and focused on enjoying the Holidays with a bit of self control in your fun factor and your spending habits as well. It’s such a great time of year and we wish you and your family the best ever.
Professor Rauchbach

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