The Highest Standard

This past weekend a new crop of Elite Training Center (Redondo Beach, CA) basic Krav Maga students took their training to another level after promoting into the Advanced Krav Maga program.

We couldn’t be more proud of this most recent group of Team Elite! Now it is their responsibility to apply the lessons learned in the Basic Level to what they will be learning from here on out.

Within all of our programs we expect nothing less than 100% commitment not only on the mat, but in everyday life. Whether Krav Maga, Kali / Silat, Thai Boxing or Jiu Jitsu is your discipline, give all you’ve got and then some.

Being a top martial artist doesn’t have to do with who can kick or hit the hardest or who can do the most reps. Being top tier is about attitude. Being top tier is about maintaining discipline. Being top tier is about giving all you’ve got so someone else can have something more.

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