The shoe rack theory

Score a “10” in your Black Belt Manners…
Practice the “Shoe Rack Theory” each time you enter the dojo.
Most people that come to a Martial Arts dojo learn to place their shoes in the shoerack, thinking it is done simply to keep the dojo clean.
Although it does serve that purpose and we all appreciate a clean dojo…the Shoe Rack Theory has a much deeper meaning and purpose.
It is a reminder that when you place your shoes in the rack, you take a mental moment to place all your daily challenges and troubles in your shoes as well. This will allow you to start your class with a clear mind, free of troubles and challenges.
Most students find that within about the first 10-15 minutes of class, this occurs naturally as their mind and body get fully warmed up.
Here’s the next reminder, when you’re done with class, you are now ready to better deal with any challenge or trouble you are having in life. Either that, or you completely forgot about them.
Now…isn’t that better than drinking alcohol or punching a wall?
Most people get very stressed and handle it in unhealthy ways. A true Martial Artist practices the mental philosophy as much as the physical.
Our goal is to help you lead a more successful and happier life through the physical practice and conditioning, as well as the mental philosophy and conditioning.
This is how you become a more versatile Black Belt Champion in life, by developing your mind…body and spirit.
I wish you the best of success in and out of the dojo and hope that you continue to benefit from the many values and benefits that training in the Martial Arts brings to millions of people worldwide.
In closing, I thank you for your support and encouragement.
Based on the feedback I hear everyday, our school and our training is making a difference in the lives of many.
Not just in the physical side of our training, but also in the mental and attitudinal aspects as well.

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