This is a Hybrid Combative System

This is a Hybrid Combative System

There have been many years, many people and many hours of sweat, blood and cheers (yeah)  shared to develop the martial arts combative system at Elite Training Center. It is ever changing and allows for the practitioner to develop their own style. This is a hybrid combative system.

We all move differently. We try to emulate our teachers, our partners, and other martial artists who we admire. We often develop into the people we are by applying the greatest traits in our own behavior of those we admire.

Recently there have been a very large percentage of people at Elite who have started cross training and doing MMA. We all know that you might identify with a particular system like Muay Thai Kickboxing or Krav Maga, but remember that by isolating yourself, you will stop your progression. By doing MMA there will be more people to train with, watch and at some point admire. Take something from them. Take something from the instructors on the mat. Keep up the complete training.

Train hard. Train often.

S. Derhammer

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