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Training Progression In Martial Arts – Life as a Perpetual Student

One of the best things about training in Martial Arts, be it Krav Maga, Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ, Mixed martial arts MMA, Kali, or any other art, is that it provides every practitioner the chance to be a perpetual student.  We are all constantly learning and evolving as martial artists while training in martial arts.

When we first begin training in martial arts, just learning all the pieces to a palm strike or a  kick can seem like a lot, but before we know it, we are learning complex techniques stringing multiple combatives together.  As we progress into the advanced program, we begin to link multiple full techniques together, transitioning from one to another to another in a longer combative flow.  And then, we move to Masters where multiple variations of a technique may be covered in a single hour and where additional stressors may be added in to training scenarios.  These are all critical pieces to evolving as a martial artist and preparing yourself for a live self-defense situation.

Recently, in Masters Level Krav Maga, we have been focusing on drilling techniques with multiple attackers and varying levels of full combat gear on.  Doing multiple attacker drills with full gear on when training in martial arts (which restricts your vision, mobility and dexterity in varying ways), helps to simulate the tunnel vision and adrenaline rush that will happen in an actual self-defense situation.  Once you know all the individual pieces of a technique, which you get by repetition with little resistance from your partner, you start to challenge yourself.  Gear is one way of doing that.  It brings a whole new dimension to your training and skill set.  It will certainly challenge you, but embrace the challenge.  Remember that feeling like a beginner again is an amazing opportunity to learn and improve.  Approach every new class at every level as though there is something new to learn or improve, even if you’ve seen that class in the curriculum multiple times.  Soon you’ll be training it in gear!

Training in martial arts krav maga gear

~Ashley Martabano

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Training in Martial arts

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