Truth. What does it mean? Is it and should it always be that trait admired in people? Has society sunk so low that honesty is a quality that should be highlighted? Truth can be found in everything. Someone who tells a lie is a liar. However that a lie exists is still truth.

Often times as we train in the martial arts we ask, “what if?” In Krav Maga we are continually confronted with this. I say understand the now. Perfect what is being studied in the moment. Put all your focus into what is being trained. The only absolute in combat is its existence. To understand that is to know what is true. 

As a practicioner of Kali / Silat, truth is ever present. To wield an edged weapon is a lot of responsibilty. Training with weapons specific to “training” holds truth within it. The plastic edge is difficult to cut with. The Kali student must understand the difference between a training tool and an edged weapon built to cut and puncture.

Respect the arts and all things that go with it and truth will be revealed.

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