Victory List 2009

                Victory List 2009
We are in the final countdown for 2009.
An excellent time to reflect on your achievements for the year.  Drafting a Victory List is an exciting and powerful exercise that encourages you to relive your magical moments and greatest victories from the year.
How have you grown and improved?  
What have you achieved? What have you learned?  
How has your Martial Arts and fitness improved?
Where have you seen the greatest gains personally and professionally? 
Some victories are obvious and will quickly come to your mind. Victories like a belt promotion, a special award, a job promotion, a new car or a new house.
Some are hidden to outside world, that doesn’t make them less important. In fact, often these hidden victories are often the most important.
Victories like handling obstacles in a calmer and more proactive manner. Maybe your confidence has improved and you’re willingness to take on new challenges.
Maybe you’ve lost weight or improved your health habits.
Most people find it easier to see the setbacks, the problems or challenges. All of us are bound to experience setbacks and made mistakes. This is especially true for aggressive achievers that are making forward progress in life.
Whatever you recognize and reward…you’ll get more of.
Focus on the positives and you get more positives…focus on the negatives and you get more negatives. The choice is yours.
BLACK BELT CHAMPIONS are trained to search for the good and use it
as a building tool for future growth and achievement. Feed the proper fuel to your fire and you’ll intensify the desire to succeed with all your goals in life.

Suggested Action: Take a few minutes to think and ink your magical moments and memorable Victories for the Year 2009.
Health & Fitness Tip}>Finish with Victory!
As we end the year and end our series of Health & Fitness Tips for 2009, it’s time to finish with Victory. If you end each day on a positive and aim your thoughts and emotions on the victories of the day, you’ll rest better and recover much faster.
Part of keeping yourself in top physical shape year round, is keeping your mind focused on positive thoughts, actions and results. When you remind yourself of the positive, victorious things that have happened in your day, you’re likely to relax more and feel better about your progress in life.
Even when you have a challenging day and there seems to be more bad than good and more negatives than positives, there was still some good and there was still a lot of positives.
CHAMPIONS train themselves to FOCUS on the POSITIVES.
This allows you to FINISH each day with VICTORY!

Get Ready for Explosive Progress and Growth in VISION 2010…
Happy Holidays!

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