Kickboxing Videos

Kickboxing Videos

Here’s a collection of videos for self-defense that we have either produced, participated in, or found intriguing.

Muay Thai Training: Foot Jabs

Muay Thai Training: Knees

Israeli Counter Terrorist School

A short extract from Channel 2 news on Israel Public access Television.

Women are often smaller in size and may have less physical strength than men, so they can have a vital need for self-defense. Women’s self-defense can employ many techniques from several different styles of general defense, including but not limited to martial arts. The goal is for women to protect themselves against attackers, generally with evasive maneuvers rather than aggressive techniques, which allows them to evade a fight and remove themselves from the situation. While women’s basic self-defense can usually be taught in just a few classes, an increasing number of women are taking true martial arts classes, including Krav Maga where the potential size and strength advantages of attackers can be mitigated in proactive ways.

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