When hit with Negative – Counter with Positive! And DOJO TERMINOLOGY  KOKORO is a mindset that allows you to properly focus yourself for optimal results.  

When hit with Negative – Counter with Positive!
Training in the Martial Arts conditions and prepares us to defend against dangerous people and threatening situations. One of the greatest dangers we face everyday…
isn’t so much a physical threat. More common is risk of being harmed by negative comments, attitudes or emotions.
Applying the Yin-Yang approach to defending against negative forces would
tell us to always be ready to counter with positives.
Apply this to a physical assault, one defense is the exact opposite of your opponent.
If they attack in a straight line, you may defend in a circular direction.
If they strike high, you may defend against the attack and counter low.
When hit with negative…counter with positive, is similar.
Try applying it to daily life where we may be attacked verbally or assaulted emotionally.
If someone makes a negative comment, you redirect them with a positive comment.
If someone shares a negative rumor, you ignore it and share something positive.
Maybe someone you know becomes very negative and reactive, your goal would be
to stay calm, positive and proactive.
Self-Defense is about defending yourself and your loved ones, not about harming the attacker. The same is true here…
Think of the same concept in dealing with negative people or situations.
The goal is to avoid harm…not cause it. Practice this theory and you’ll stay calm and increase your ability to maintain a positive outlook and attitude toward everything and everybody.
TRAINING DRILL: Think of someone you know that has a tendency to be negative. Practice in advance ways you may be able to counter their negatives with positives. The one that is the most committed emotionally usually has the greatest impact. 
KOKORO is a mindset that allows you to properly focus yourself for optimal results.  
Being pumped up, psyched up and ready to go, is a quality that most BLACK BELT CHAMPIONS are able to develop.  
KOKORO goes beyond this short-term hyperactive state of mind.  
It’s the ability to bring yourself to “Peak State” on a consistent basis.
To do this, we must first learn to calm ourselves, block out distractions and get rid of any negative thoughts that may clutter our minds.  
KOKORO allows you to better focus yourself while aiming your energies and effort in
a positive and productive direction.  
To get optimal benefits from your martial arts training, it’s essential to train yourself
to stay focused and fired up on your most important goals and objectives.
Taking consistent positive actions and remaining proactive on a regular basis will improve your ability to create the KOKORO mindset.  By allowing enough time daily
to properly prepare yourself and developing the habit of YOI.
You’ll start each day in a proactive mindset and will begin to eliminate negative feelings
the sense of crisis in your life.  
A healthy and well-rested mind, body and spirit always works better. Eliminating
and avoiding things and people in your life that create stress, will free your mind
of negatives and allow it to be filled with positive thoughts, ideas and objectives.
There is a technique called “Mind like water” where we learn to relax and rid ourselves of the turbulent tides and rough seas that can sometimes represent our daily challenges.  Once you can see the calm and clear body of water, a glassy and mirror like surface, you’ve cleared your mind.  
Now, you can better focus and prepare yourself for the desired state of KOKORO.

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