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(note: This is a repost from 31OCT12, but the subject matter is timely and very important. So Listen Up!)

The short answer is that everyone needs firearms training!  But you say that you don’t even own a firearm.  Doesn’t matter, you should still receive some type of firearms safety training, and here is why.  Did you know that there are approximately 310 million privately owned firearms in the United States?  It is further estimated that 47% of all households in the United States own at least one firearm.  So what does all that mean?  Let’s face it; America is a gun culture country.  You may not like it, you might not even own a firearm but you live here and our cultural fascination with firearms doesn’t show any signs of changing in the near future.  Given this reality of our current society, the smart person should prepare themselves for the inevitable firearms encounter (I’m speaking strictly in a non-violent sense here).  Think about it this way; consider your neighbor to the right and left of your home, one of them owns a firearm.  Do you or maybe your child visit either of those neighbors?  Well, if you do you have nearly a 50% chance of encountering a firearm.  Statistically speaking, this would be true for just about any household you or your child enters in the United States.  Why am I telling you all of this?  Hopefully to convince you that firearms safety is everyone’s responsibility and that having proper firearms training is just as important as having driver’s training/education.

So, what type of firearms training do you need?  That depends on a person’s age and level of involvement with firearms.  All children should, at a minimum, receive training that teaches them what to do if they discover an unattended firearm.  If the child is of a proper age (determined solely by their parent) to participate in recreational shooting activities or hunting, they should receive firearms safety, handling and marksmanship training.  Adults who are unfamiliar with firearms and that do not personally own a firearm should also receive training that teaches them the proper response should they or their child discover an unattended firearm (hint: you can’t just go tell your parents).  If an adult has decided to purchase a firearm for the first time, they should seek out training that assists in the proper selection of a firearm to fit their specific activity.  Additionally, adult firearms owners should receive firearms safety, handling and marksmanship training to ensure that they have the necessary information to become proficient in the safe and proper use of their new firearm.  If a firearm is being purchased for primarily a mean of self defense in the home, then the firearms owner should receive additional training that stresses self defense tactics as well as the legalities and personal liabilities regarding the use of deadly force.  Adults that have, or are applying for, a permit to carry a concealed firearm (generally a pistol or revolver) on their person should receive specialized training that teaches proper concealment, deployment (drawing you firearm) and engagement tactics required by a person who is regularly armed.  Additionally, a person who has a permit to carry a concealed firearm, needs specialized training in the laws governing their permit as well as the legalities and personal liabilities regarding the use of deadly force outside of the home.

Now, firearms training does not end with a firearms instructor.  All firearm skills are depreciable over time and need to be continually practiced.  It doesn’t matter if it was the safety training that your child received or the advanced self defense tactics training that you underwent.  If you do not continually reinforce the skills that you or your child learned during training they will be forgotten and you, or your child, will develop a complacent attitude about firearms safety.  Your child should be frequently quizzed on what to do if they encounter an unattended firearm.  If your child participates in recreational shooting activities, they must regularly practice and be tested on their firearms safety, handling and marksmanship skills.  If deficiencies are found in these skills, then your child must be corrected and required to practice the correct action immediately.  Adults must regularly training with their firearm, either by dry-fire practice (unloaded firearm) or live-fire practice at your local firearms range.  This requirement for regular firearms training can be a great excuse for some fun and constructive family time that will benefit everyone in your household.

Ok, so you are sold on the idea of firearms training.  Now you want to know where you can find an instructor to provide you with this important information.  Well, your local firearms store/dealer will either have an instructor on staff or they can recommend a reputable firearms instructor to you.  Additionally, most public firing ranges can provide you with an instructor who will ensure that you receive the proper training to meet your level of interest/involvement.  If you are currently training in Self Defense (Krav Maga), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai, Kali/Silat, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), or Survival Skills at Elite Training Center, I have some good news for you.  You can get some of the best firearms instruction in the South Bay right here at Elite Training Center.  We regularly hold a variety of firearms classes and our firearms instructors are available for private or semi-private instructions.  If you are interested in firearms instruction, just inquire at the front desk or ask any of our martial arts instructors after your favorite class.

So, why does everyone need firearms training?  Because bullets don’t have reverse!

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