Women’s MMA

There have been several new faces in Women’s MMA the last few weeks.  I’m always so encouraged when people make the decision to try something new and different, especially if it initially makes them uncomfortable.  Grappling is something that is so foreign to most of us, and women especially find it awkward and unnerving at first.  So if you’ve considered taking MMA or Jiu Jitsu but held back because you feel uneasy or intimidated, know that those feelings are completely normal and that they do eventually go away.  It just takes time and practice.  I can personally attest to this!  I had a very hard time with grappling when I first began martial arts, but over the course of time it’s become one of my favorite arts as well as an incredible form of exercise.  The key is to persevere and give it a fair shot…and always keep in mind what your true goals are.

I can’t stress the importance of learning how to fight and defend yourself on the ground enough.  Although it’s a great place to start, relying on kickboxing alone to protect yourself is naïve.  Krav Maga does teach a sizeable amount of groundwork, but spending time practicing how to control someone on the ground and learning how to move well will make the Krav techniques so much more successful.  This is yet another example of how Elite Training Center’s programs are designed to supplement each other.  It’s rare and special to have so many diverse programs under one roof, allowing students to easily cross train.

The Women’s MMA class is open to all female students, regardless of whether you are actually enrolled in the school’s general Mixed Martial Arts program.  So take advantage of it!  The purpose of the class is to get women comfortable on the ground, so we talk honestly and move at an easy pace and have a lot of fun.  Fighting on the ground is such an important skill for a woman to have…I hope to see everyone there!  Monday nights at 8!


Elite Training Center 1628 South Pacific Coast Highway,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 543-1600

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