Self Defense for Women

Self Defense Classes for Women

Women’s self defense training classes will help train women of all ages and skill levels to defend themselves against attackers. We offer training classes alongside men for all types of MMA classes. However, many women take our Krav Maga classes because they find it aligns with their self defense training needs. Check out our class schedule, and you can try any two classes before joining our martial arts gym.

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We specialize in Krav Maga, Muay Thai, MMA, and Kali.
You can join any two classes you want to try out! All ages and skill levels are welcome!

krav maga women self defense training group classes
womens self defense training Redondo Beach
womens self defense training Redondo Beach
young women fighting in group class training session

At Elite Training Center, the environment provided, not just by the instructors, is inspiring. It’s an environment that allows females and males to succeed regardless of their level. It encourages the type of community outside the school where everyone works together regardless of age, size, or gender to create a world where everyone can be the best they can be by assisting others to do the same. It is worth noting that this would not be a successful process without the cooperation of both male and female students training together. Men who train alongside women learn much faster when it comes to technique due to the patience, control, and assistance necessary to train with women. Women benefit from training with a strong opponent.

Elite Training Center Member Review

Being a female it has been very difficult going into different martial art schools. The feeling like I don’t fit in or that there are very few females. I love martial arts so I wasn’t going to stop looking until I found a place that worked for me. When I walked into Elite Training Center I was immediately welcomed with a smile and such comfort that I almost forgot I was walking into a martial arts school. I received a free introduction of the entire school and a private instruction from one of their elite trainers who showed me everything they offered. While walking throughout the school I saw that the ratio between men and women was equal! The atmosphere was friendly and the training appeared exceptional. Needless to say I signed up and am loving it! Besides feeling comfortable they have so much to offer. I signed up for the Krav Maga and Kickboxing programs. I feel I have gained and tremendous amount of skill and even more so, CONFIDENCE. I truly feel that everyone ESPECIALLY women should take self defense and I 100% recommend doing it at Elite Training Center.

Jenica Clissold

History of Female Self Defense Classes

In history, the term Martial Arts has been associated with men. Not until recent years have women been welcomed into the arts by schools, instructors, and, more importantly, men. At Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach, the education in patience, control, and technique of men who train alongside women allows everyone to become successful. Over the past week, I’ve taught two Master’s Level Krav Maga classes. As I looked around the room, it dawned on me that the men were slightly outnumbered by the women instead of having a class of mostly men. It was an evolution that I didn’t anticipate.

Self defense Training Classes for Women

If you’re searching for Women’s Self Defense in the South BayElite Training Center has all you could ever wish for in a class, school, and community. Contact us today to sign up for Try 2 Free Self-Defense Classes.

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