Women’s self defense

Women’s self-defense

I decided to post this video for several reasons (one of which involves women’s self defense).  The first reason is pretty obvious to me.  Stay off the ground.  Even though the attacker was on top and dominating the person on the bottom, he was still at a position of disadvantage against everyone else.  The second reason is about a person’s intention.  Never underestimate anyone- male, female, young, or old.  And never underestimate a mother’s intention to protect her child.  The mother in the video doesn’t look threatening and perhaps had never even taken a self defense class or martial arts, but one swift kick proved otherwise.
I have another story about a male subject, older than 60 with only one arm.  He walked into the San Ysidro border crossing office unchallenged because he did not appear threatening.  Once inside, he approached a Supervisory Officer, pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed the Officer in the chest.
An old training partner told me this story about the worst fight he had ever been in.  He is a big man, about 6’1″ and 300+ pounds and a Law Enforcement Officer.  While serving a warrant at a house, the team make entry and locate the subject.  Once the Officer handcuffs the subject (out of no where), the suspect’s mother hits the Officer then runs him backwards through the front window of the house.  Once they go through the window, she lands on top of the Officer and proceeds to deliver a beating.  It took three other Officers to pull her off and the Officer went to the hospital that night.
With the amount of women training martial arts and self defense and Krav Maga at Elite Training Center, it could be very possible that you (the woman of the house) will be the person defending your family, including you husband.  Just remember that your intention to do whatever it takes goes a long way.  Adding technical knowledge and conditioning for combat will only increase your chances of getting home safely, and women’s self defense classes are a great place to start.  Keep training, be aware, and stay safe.

~Earle Wright

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