Wrestling….Filipino Wrestling?


Dumog is the Filipino style of wrestling while standing upright and refers to the grappling aspect of Filipino martial arts. The word dumog is most commonly used in Mindanao and the Visayas, while the word buno is used in Luzon, specifically in the Southern Tagalog-speaking provinces as far south as Mindoro.[1][2] Techniques encompass a variety of pushes, pulls, weight shifts and joint locks designed to “move” the opponent, often taking advantage of their weight and direction of force to throw them off balance.
It is also used colloquially as being mobbed (dinudumog).

Source of Definition = Wikipedia

Yes In fact there is such a thing. It is part of the close quarter aspect of the Kali curriculum We have here at Elite Training Center.

It is in Many ways similar to other Grappling Ways. What makes Kali Dumog/Buno different is The Lesson is Taught using The Weapons in the Original Movements of the Wrestling Techniques.

This lesson is taught after the Weapons fundamentals are clearly established.

We Will Be covering These Lessons in The Near Future.

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