Self Defense Training Is Now

Self Defense Training Is Now

Self Defense training is now!

We have all heard about focusing on “the moment.” Live for now, not the past nor the future. When training in martial arts and self defense, it is a very important adage to be conscious of. Training “now” prepares you for the future. It is a sort of “battle plan.” The same can be said for the Muay Thai fighter as well as the MMA practitioner.

Training is planning. You are training to avert any potential problems that you could face, but if you do you are prepared. Krav Maga / Self Defense and the idea of situational awareness is as relevant to a fighter’s preparation for a Muay Thai match or MMA competition. There really should be no difference. In fact, when we consider usage of self defense it is often under far more stressful scenarios.

Cross Training for Self Defense

At Elite Training Center we all train for situations. Whether it is MMA, Krav Maga or Muay Thai, our students are always in a constant state of change. Diet is important to maximize the benefits of any workout. The MMA or Muay Thai fighter has to watch what they are eating to cut weight or to maintain so they are able to excel during their training. Although the workouts for someone preparing for a fight are often more extreme than the Krav Maga / Self Defense practitioner, the approach of an athlete should still be taken.

Obviously Elite Training Center’s students cross train. They all understand the importance of the Muay Thai with Krav Maga / Self Defense. I would encourage you all to try out an MMA class.

I am not the fastest, meanest, most athletic person in the world. In fact I am far from it. However, why I am able to move the way I do is because I was trained in both MMA and Krav Maga from the very beginning. To this day I credit my movement to what Shihan instilled in me and as I get older what I can take and learn from the Elite Training Center Fight Team.

We all must remain open minded. As a school we are all here for the same reasons. Why should we not train or at least try to branch out knowing how much better we can all get by training in another system?

A friend of mine once said, “being too strong is like being too handsome or too wealthy.” You will only get stronger by training more (and better looking).

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