Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

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The history of self-defense dates back to primitive times. Where “survival of the fittest” was paramount for successful hunting and gathering. Fast-forward to the ancient Greeks, whose idea of perfection was based on one’s ability to develop a strong and healthy body. It was during this period of 2500-200 B.C. that the concept of gymnastics was developed as “exercise for the body and music for the soul.” In addition, the Roman Civilization held fitness training in the highest regard and the Romans used fitness as a way to prepare its citizens for military service from 200 B.C.-476 A.D.

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Fitness Training Class in Redondo Beach

AtElite Training Center, we proudly uphold the core values of these ancient peoples, by offering a full scope of fitness classes and training options at our studio in Redondo Beach.

Extreme Kickboxing

Tone your muscles and reduce your body fat with this cardio workout. This extreme kickboxing class combines calisthenics, plyometrics, and strength training, and will increase your heart rate to burn your fat away. A large portion of the class is dedicated to hitting and kicking with a partner, but no contact is involved! Form is always emphasized. You will be raising your fitness level and simultaneously reinforcing your combat skills.

Combative Fitness

Increase your muscular strength, mobility, and endurance through circuit training. Each circuit is comprised of exercises that target the upper body, the core and trunk, the lower body, and the total body. The 50-minute group classes incorporate strength training, flexibility, balance, and cardio fitness. All exercises are modified to each student’s training level and include beginner, intermediate and advanced variations. In addition to circuit training, all classes include warm-up, cool down, and stretching.

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Heavy Bags

This is an intense cardio class without the use of holding pads. Hitting the heavy bags is a little different than working directly with a partner and it gives you the opportunity to hone your timing and targeting skills while getting into your top shape. Shadowboxing, heavy bag hitting, and heavy bag kickboxing are all combined in this high-energy and high-motivation workout.

Krav Maga

Develop your body and mind simultaneously with Krav Maga fitness training. This specialized class combines cardio-intensive exercises with modern self-defense techniques. The fundamental concept of Krav Maga is to disable an attacker in the simplest and quickest manner, regardless of their size and level of strength in contrast to your own. Improve your level of physical fitness through a comprehensive system of punches, kicks, and other defensive tactics. You will be taught how to instinctively respond to dangerous situations in this class.

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Get ready to sweat and release some energy at Elite Training Center!

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