martial arts self defense classes for kids

Kids Martial Arts (CMMA)

Kids Martial Arts (CMMA)

Mixed Martial Arts for Kids (Ages 4 to 8 years)

The children’s MMA programs at Elite Training Center introduce young people to the many amazing lessons they can learn from martial arts, including the benefits of exercise and teamwork. They learn important skills such as a positive mental outlook, healthy eating, and how to work with others peacefully and constructively. At Elite Training Center, your child’s growth as a martial artist is our number one goal! We have developed a curriculum that we know to have the most important aspects of self-defense, fitness, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

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martial arts self defense classes for kids
kids mma classes redondo-beach South Bay California
Kids self defense Redondo South Bay California

We offer MMA classes for kids that give them an opportunity to enter into a world of strength, physical dexterity and mental focus. The emphasis is always on fun, and the results will last a lifetime.

An Ideal Training Environment for Kids

Our CLEAN, POSITIVE, FUN & SUPPORTIVE training atmosphere is a fantastic place to begin and/or continue your child’s martial arts journey. Respect for self and others, compassion, kindness, and the incredible super-power that self-discipline and patience can bring to one’s life are the things we weave into our training and lessons for our young and impressionable students.

Fitness & Character Building made FUN!

With a focus on the importance of fitness, self-defense, education, and nutrition, Elite Training Center’s CMMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Program will motivate your children to make the right decisions through RESPECT, HONOR, STRENGTH, and DISCIPLINE. But the most important thing at Elite Training Center is to be sure that the youth are being cultivated to take the lessons they learn on the mat and apply them to their everyday lives… and are having fun doing it.

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