Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Week of July 25 -29

Hello Elite Training Center Friends,

Each week I will be writing a little bit of my observations of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructional content. This weekly blog will help all of you remember the little details of each technique and overall strategy of what we explored in the classes. Also, it is important for me to let you know what is coming up in the future, so please stop by the Elite Training Center Blog often to see what you may have missed.

This week in the basic program we addressed the sucker tackle defenses and how to counter the front headlock choke. For the standing combatives, we focused on closing the distance with a low level change shoot to the clinch both front and back clinch positions. The classes were packed as you will remember. The one take down we practiced was from the back clinch. It was called, “THE STEP AND SIT.” Remember to not let the opponent fall on top of you; therefore, when in the back clinch, step to the side first and then take the person down to the mat.

Our focus on the mat this week detailed how to perform the straight armlock from the guard from a close and far referrence point. Please remember to review these two techniques often and if the opponent does pull his or her arm out of the position, this is your chance to transition onto the triangle choke. Make your adjustments in this position to find the best angle to submit your opponent with the triangle choke with your legs.

The second ground focus we explored this week was how to control the oppoent from the top cross side position a.k.a. “The Hundred Kilos Position!” Key points were to use your weight effectively by getting off your knees and sagging your weight heavy on the opponent’s body/chest. Remember to improve your position when needed and make the transition to the mount position. This strategy is a basic goal in a ground fight. From the cross side position: TOES TO THE MAT! Heheh…

We are just getting started,

Prof. “little” Tony Pacenski
Elite Training Center

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