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Elite Training Center is a martial arts studio focusing on self-defense and fitness. Our academy is founded on the four principals of Respect, Honor, Discipline, and Strength and our articles instruct and guide people on their martial arts journey.

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Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym Redondo Beach, CA

Muay Thai Kickboxing Our Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym offers classes for all ages & skill levels. Our classes cover the basics of impact, movement, & body positioning. Muay Thai is known for its extreme physical conditioning. The muay thai classes normally begin with an intense warm-up which includes jumping rope, shadow boxing, and other bodyweight …

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Active shooter training

Gun Control and active shooter training If you turn on any news or talk channel you will be bombarded with the debate on gun control.  The latest mass shootings have set off another heated round of arguments, with fingers pointing in every possible direction.  I’m not going to discuss my personal viewpoints here; rather, I …

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Martial Arts Classes For Moms

I hope all the moms out there had an amazing Mother’s Day! This month is mom’s train free, so make sure you come in to try out some amazing Krav Maga and Muay Thai kickboxing! Its an awesome chance to get some self-defense classes and training as well as get an awesome workout!!  Martial arts …

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Self-Defense Training for Kids Builds Confidence

Self-defense training for kids will help protect your child against bullying or other challenges they might face at school or in their daily lives. However, introducing your child to the world of self-defense and MMA for kids is about so much more than teaching them the physical moves and practical defense techniques; it can have …

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Elite Training Center Redondo Beach, CA In self-defense classes, you’ll learn to protect yourself from strangers who want to attack you with this GROUPON DEAL. Call our office and ask for our Groupon deal. You can purchase this deal at our gym. Choose Between Two Options $39 for 10 krav maga classes (a $250 value) …


How to Be Healthy and Love Life Through Krav Maga Training

I love martial arts. I love all of them, Krav Maga, Kali, BJJ, Muay Thai Kickboxing, boxing, Karate, Judo, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, and of course MMA. I do realize that these are only a few, but what we train at Elite Training Center can and has been proven functional and effective on the mat and in …

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Martial Arts Motivational Training

Do what you’re told when you must do what is important. Other than that, question everything. We make breakthroughs when we question and act. So go do it. Don’t sell yourself short. If you have a vision, go after it. If something needs changing, change it! Spouting off poetic and sharing on social media represents …

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What is your martial arts motivator?

What is your martial arts motivator? What drives you to do go the extra mile, one more drill, one more punch, kick, knee, elbow, arm bar, triangle, take down. Just one more…rep. Rebellion is my motivator. Rebellion inspires. When you do something outside of the norm and yield a positive result people always want to …

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We can’t change community by words alone. We have to do it by actions.

We all get wrapped up in our own lives. Sometimes things seem so overwhelming! It is understandable. There’s the push to make money, family obligations, business issues, people not coming through on their word / huge lack of integrity, selfishness, etc. However it is important to also make time for you to be healthy and …

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Self Defense Training Course Elite Training Center

Dom Raso

Two-day Dom Raso seminar We are excited to announce that Dom Raso is coming to us to give a two-day seminar. At Elite Training Center, we have an awesome Krav Maga program, and the things that Dom Raso will teach will reinforce and supplement a lot of what our students are already learning. Dom Rosa …

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