Krav Maga: Elite Training Center’s Krav Maga, Never Too Young, Never Too Old

Elite Training Center’s Krav Maga Program

Elite Training Center’s Krav Maga program had over 25 people test and promote on Saturday. Some promoted into Advanced Krav Maga programs and others tested for new belts / levels; some moved into our Masters program.

It is especially rewarding to see our Youth students move into our Adult programs and represent Elite Training Center not only with stellar technique, but more importantly, great attitudes! There are always surprises! Although we have high expectations, it is a pleasure to have those expectations exceeded!

Never Too Young, Never Too Old

Also noteworthy were students who participated well into their 60’s! All of Elite was in awe of what was accomplished. Often we have those members promoting into Advanced Krav Maga do their work early on. This time we waited.

Many of you know, our promotions / tests constantly change. It makes us ask ourselves (as Bobby Rich presented), “what am I doing this for?” The answer varies for us. It often comes down to, “I do it for the challenge and I do it for the person next to me.” We must always push ourselves to get better. So seeing someone 60+ years old, throwing a jab, cross, growing kick combo and fighting for 2 minutes makes us all realize we are far more capable of doing more. There should be nothing that can stop us.

Thank you to everyone who showed up. There is no such thing as too young or too old to get started on their martial arts path.

Thank you to all of our great students for putting your trust in us and also for showing up and inspiring everyone around you.

S. Derhammer


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