Grappling is and always has been my passion when it comes to combat sports and to the untrained eye it may seem like all grappling is created equal and the same. In truth there are many different styles from different places around the globe with each art emphasizing different goals and rule sets.
After the emergence and explosion of mma there has been plenty of cross training in these different arts and we have been exposed to some that seem to be more effective than others depending on the rules and attire. In the gi Brazilian jiujitsu, Russian sambo, and judo seem to reign supreme. In no gi matches folk and freestyle wrestling along with Greco roman round out most of what you will see along with many of the previously mentioned arts.
Next month we will get to see a couple of fun grappling style clashes when Brazilian jiujitsu specialist dean lister takes on catch as catch can wrestler Josh Barnett at metamoris 4. American wrestling stud and resident loud mouth chael sonnen will confront one of my favorite Brazilian jiujitsu aces Andre galvao in what appears to me to be a lop sided match. But that’s the fun of matching different styles. Who knows what will happen, how will one person defend a foot lock of stop a takedown is what makes it so interesting for me.
Get involved in grappling at elite training center and learn how to use it specifically for the cage in our mma classes

~Travis Williams

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