Kickboxing styles

Kickboxing styles

It is interesting to see when fighters with different kickboxing styles and backgrounds test their skills in a match. How do they adjust and react to their opponent’s style? Is it better to be offensive like the American kickboxer, or is it better to be defensive and time the strikes for the perfect opening (as the Thai fighter did)? Note their different styles and how you can incorporate some of that techniques into your style. Maybe you already practiced some of that technique in Muay Thai kickboxing class at Elite but watching it applied differently has shed some light, and now you feel like you can apply it while sparring. How many more tools can you add to your toolbox to help you be a better, well-rounded fighter?  Watching videos and watching fighters from different kickboxing styles and backgrounds apply their skills and techniques can be helpful.  Each individual is different and will have different techniques and tactics that work best for him or her.  Take the time to find yours!  You’ll be happy you did!

~Jennifer Escoto

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