Krav Maga & MMA

Elite Training Center stresses the importance of training in multiple systems. Krav Maga & MMA both have prerequisite Muay Thai Clinics in order to advance in these systems. Muay Thai helps the student not only understand the fundamentals of striking, but emphasizes footwork, base, and stepping angles.

The footwork of the Thai boxer makes the MMA fighter & Krav Maga practitioner more efficient. The efficacy in which Elite’s martial artists move lends itself to the conservation of energy and understanding when it is time to be explosive, and when it is time to analyze an opponent or situation.  Every combative situation should be analyzed, whether it is a “street fight” scenario or a controlled environment i.e. “cage fight.”

The MMA fighter has the chance to view tape on an opponent. Their strengths and weaknesses  can be analyzed and manipulated. Is Krav Maga any different? Should it be? Of course the Krav Maga practitioner can’t watch film on the person who could potentially attack them. They can however understand useful information such as take downs and more advanced ground fighting applications to compound their skill sets in the event of an attack.  It is the goal of Elite Training Center to prepare students  to combat every discipline.

Take the time to study and learn MMA. It will only make your Krav Maga better and more efficient. MMA fighters, learn Krav Maga.  The application of some tools in Krav Maga can point out some great ways as to how to apply your MMA in a more self-defense oriented way.

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Krav Maga & MMA


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