Competing with Parents

Competing, a word that can make a MAN sick to his stomach at the thought of it. Now imagine how a child feels anywhere from the age of 4-13? Children competing is something that you see on the news or youtube, a lot of the time because they are adorable or they have done something extraordinary. Another group of videos that you see that you hear stories about are when coaches and parents go to far because someone made a bad call or their child made a mistake. The problem that I bring up is when an adult goes to far whether it be a coach or adult because the child made a mistake. DO NOT BE THAT PARENT, I cannot stress to you enough how insignificant it is in the long run that your child made a mistake, as opposed to the embarrassment that you and your child will have to go through when remember and sometimes even record your reaction. Remember take a step back and think who is actually competing and what they are going through as opposed what you are feeling.

D. Paredes

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