Many reading this Blog are already students of self-defense.  This week I’d like to discuss contingencies that exist outside of the technical aspect of self-defense.  Let’s start with the big picture for most people and why they study self-defense.  “I study self-defense because I want to Defend myself, my family, and my friends.”

Personally, I would add, defend those who are unable to defend themselves and Defend my Country.

Now that we have thought about our personal value system, we should take a deep look at ourselves and decide what lengths we will go to in order to defend our values.  Everyone may go to different lengths and there is no right or wrong answer.  As long as you know how far you are willing to go before that time comes.

 I have found that thinking of scenarios has been a valuable tool.  It has trained me to react when real-life situations arise.  Without scenario training, you could find yourself in the “freeze” instead of fight or flight mode.  When formulating scenarios, take into account moral and legal decisions.  Do your research:  Google the Federal Law Enforcement Use of Force Model or try Wikipedia Subjects Actions vs. Officer response.

Even though your decisions may be justified, did you consider post-conflict contingencies?  For example, are you or a loved one injured?  If so, Do you know first-aid?  (If you do not have basic skills in first-aid then have you considered Elite‘s Survival Camp later this month?)  Were you able to escape? Or did the attacker run away?  Can you provide a detailed description of your attacker to the Police?  If your attacker suffered serious to fatal injuries.  What legal action might one face?  Knowing the Use of Force Continuum will assist you in articulating your actions and reactions.

I hope this Blog has helped you realize that self-defense is so much more than physical techniques.  Take the time to write down your personal value system, formulate scenarios, research the Use of Force Continuum, learn first-aid and stay safe!

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