self defense for women

self defense for women
It is splendid to see that even during an era when women and women’s organizations worked for equality, the martial arts community provided an opportunity for women to participate in a world that was considered by many to be for men only.  As time goes by and society evolves, it is becoming more acceptable for women to practice martial arts and it is inspiring women of various age groups to learn self defense for women.  As a female martial arts practitioner, it is always great to see other women taking that step to begin their martial arts journey. It inspires me to further my skills so that they can see what we are capable of accomplishing. Hopefully it will encourage them to continue in this path and not give up. Women like Colleen and Katie were, and continue to be, my role models. They are fierce, strong, talented and readily available to provide instruction and feedback. When I first began at Elite, I was so excited and driven to keep training when I took their classes. I saw the possibilities of what I could become and made the commitment to dedicate myself to martial arts.
   Our success would not be possible without the help and encouragement of the men at our school as well. They make it possible for women to train amongst them by being great partners and providing the correct tools and attitude to help build skill sets. The atmosphere created can have a great impact on someone’s success and Elite Training Center takes pride in creating a positive atmosphere for everyone to train. The minute you step in that door you are treated with kindness and respect. Shihan Brian has created a family atmosphere with his staff which they have passed along to the students making training comfortable and fun and makes self defense for women accessible.
Without further ado. Here is the video that inspired my blog.
Self defense video from mid 1900’s.
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self defense for women

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