Positive Mental Attitude

Krav Maga, MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali Silat, and BJJ all reinforce the power of being positive. During Elite‘s Youth Leadership program on Saturday afternoon we all discussed the importance of P.M.A. or Positive Mental Attitude.The kids had such bright outlooks on life. They knew exactly what we were talking about. We discussed the importance of it in martial arts, but more importantly in their everyday lives. Each student gave an example as to what being positive meant and likened it to a situation.  One of our young members has had to carry around an iv with him for 3 weeks now. He discussed how much of a challenge it was, but also appreciated his situation because it made him more patient and new he would be stronger for it (the iv was removed today).

There isn’t a single person at Elite Training Center who hasn’t at some point doubted themselves, but found either through focusing on the moment or by the positive influence of others that they were able to overcome what was in front of them.

We often talk about the warrior mindset both on and off the mat. We take the mental game to overcome the physical. We encourage everyone to apply this to their everyday life. Although this is easier said than done there is definitely power by being positive. This isn’t something like the “Secret.” There is nothing being manifested (although I don’t hold an omniscient view). It is simply a way of thinking. It is and must be a conscious effort.


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