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Summer’s coming!
For some of us, school is already out and summer is here, even though the calendar doesn’t say that’s the case till this weekend.  While most of us welcome summer even if it only means a summer mindset, it can be a challenging time to keep up your martial arts training with vacations, kids out of school, and oftentimes, out-of-town visitors coming to enjoy our California sunshine. While we all need a time to rest our bodies from intense martial arts training, such as Krav Maga, Muay Thai kickboxing, MMA and fitness training, it can be easy to let a one week vacation be a serious detour from your training. Sometimes we let our senses and bodies dull when we actually may be the most at risk. Remember that, unfortunately, travel is often a time of heightened risks to safety. Although we all hope it isn’t, it may be the time you need your Krav Maga skills most. So even if you let your body rest, keep your situational awareness skills sharp!  (And maybe find 5 minutes to shadow box when no one’s watching :)).
And after even just a week off (trust me!), you can feel much more tired and lethargic at night, such that motivating to train feels even more challenging. Or maybe it feels like you’ve come back to a pile of work that needs tending “immediately.” Don’t let that stop you!  Remember, martial arts training and taking care of yourself isn’t about having time, it’s about making time. So make time to rest and recover, but keep making time to train, even when you’ve got other plans :). And if you have the summer off, take advantage and get after it!!  Set goals.  Pick a challenge for yourself to see how far you can progress in the summer, not in stripes and belts, but in skill sets. Or challenge yourself to try a new discipline like Kali or MMA. Failing that, you know I always love having more faces (of all levels!) in heavy bags!  Keep training!
martial arts training
– Ashley

Martial Arts Fitness

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Martial arts training

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