Knife self-defense

Knife self-defense!  Learn from those who experience extreme violence, where self-defense involves protecting oneself from guns and knives, and knife self-defense is very important.
“South Africa: Where Corruption, Rape and Murder are Normal”
The following link will take you to an article posted by a Combatives Instructor in South Africa and it addresses knife self-defense.
Several good points are brought up, and I would take the time to read the article completely.  South Africa can be a violent place, like anywhere.  Knives, like the Okapi are cheap and plentiful.  The gang culture has tactics including knife usage, footwork, and a mindset that life isn’t worth much- makes these thugs extremely dangerous.  Knife self-defense is important!  At Elite, our Krav Maga classes involve a lot of work with gun and knife self-defense because the reality is that criminals use these weapons to commit crimes.  Click on the link below:

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Knife self-defense


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