MMA is for Everyone

MMA is for everyone

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Benefits Everyone

It has been really great at the school lately to see so many of our Krav Maga and Muay Thai students dipping their toes in the MMA pool and then deciding to dive right in.  MMA is for everyone!  Now that the program tuitions include the MMA program (in case you didn’t know!), there is really no reason not to try it out at any level.  Remember that the basics are critical to success in every martial art, which truly means that MMA is for everyone!  So even if you’re a masters level student, come try basic MMA classes and get in good repetitions of movement you may have learned a while ago, or get practice on the ground, which as we all know, is where many fights will end up. This is particularly true for women being attacked, which makes it that much more important for self-defense for women to get comfortable on the ground.  (And even if you are lucky enough to stay on your feet in a fight, we all know that we train for perfection, but expecting the worst situation, so we need to be prepared for that “worst situation.”)  Don’t worry about the “rules” in MMA classes dulling your sharp Krav instincts – they don’t for Muay Thai so why would they here?  Really, MMA is for everyone, and MMA classes will give you a great chance to reinforce your basic skills, and for those still in basic, it will give you a great preview to the ground work you’ll be doing in advanced Krav.  Come give it a try!  I’m a convert!  Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 and Wednesdays at 6.  I’ll see you there!

~Ashley Martabano

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MMA is for everyone

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