Elite Training Center Hosts Another Educational Survival Camp

Elite Training Center Hosts Another Educational Survival Camp

This is the final week of prep before Elite Training Center hosts another educational survival camp in Big Bear. We are very fortunate to have some top notch instructors with real world survival experience at our camp which include military personal from Special Operations units such as Navy SEALS, Army RANGERS, and Marine Corps SCOUT SNIPERS.

During the camp experience we will cover fire starting, basic first aid, water purification, orienteering, shelter building, camouflage and concealment, as well as combat skills necessary for survival, and most importantly skills on how to be found.

Elite Training Center has always expressed the importance of being able to thrive in any combative situation. Krav Maga, MMA, Muay Thai / Kickboxing, Kali and Jiu Jitsu are among the focal points in our systems. This weekend we will be able to show how functional the systems are when applied outdoors.

The above are skills that so many people need and often think about their necessity, but few act on educating themselves. We can tell you from our students’ experiences after the survival camps that they have applied the lessons learned in real world situations.

Being a well rounded martial artist doesn’t just limit one to a combative discipline. Being a martial artist encompasses the ability to fight to survive regardless of the situation.

Like all things self defense driven hindsight is blind sight. Have the forethought to prepare for when things do go bad. Because…wait for it…things are good until they’re not. What do we do then?

I love the South Bay. I love my community and the people. I see the same people on my morning walks to the beach. My girlfriend with me and our dog on a leash. I want it to always be around. But what will happen when the streets become the wild and chaos looms? I’d love to believe that our lifestyle will remain as such until we’re gone and left to the cosmos. In fact, I do believe it will. However, I will be prepared to defend my community and survive for as long as I have to.

No matter how bad things get, there’s always tomorrow.

Train hard. Train often.

S. Derhammer

Martial Arts Fitness

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Elite Training Center Hosts Another Educational Survival Camp

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